Buying Plants at Your Nursery

When you set out to shop at your plant nursery, the same question pops up every time: ‘How do I choose the right plants for my garden?’ The best way is to find a nursery which has knowledgeable, helpful staff, whether it is in person at your local nursery, or via email or phone at

Home Gardening

A Few Gardening Tips For You

Below are some gardening tips that I feel are worth mentioning, and may possibly get you on your way to earning your green thumb. There are never to many gardening tips and I will just brush up on a few to get you started. I am sure if you do a search in Google for

Gardening tips

Lettuce Gardening Tips

Gardeners can select from a large variety of lettuces that are easy to grow, highly productive in limited space, and virtually pest and disease free. Lettuce is definitely one of the more “care-free” crops. Lettuce is a great way to start gardening; it is what I started out with actually. There are a few key


How to Get Nursery Manager Jobs

The only way to get nursery manager jobs is to know the lowdown on what the job involves. There are four sides to a nursery manager job. Before one can become a nursery manager, most nurseries will look for certain qualifications. Some companies may not be strict about nursery assistants, but has a more critical